The Never Ending Quilt

I have finally finished the never ending quilt!!! yeah

When I saw this quilt, I immediately saw the curved crosshatching.  Ronda Beyer has numerous quilts in which she used feathers and curved crosshatching and I love how they look.  Ronda gave a tutorial on how to use the Judalators which I had but never used.  I will be using them more often as it made the curved crosshatch go more quickly then marking.

I used a rope border with the path pattern on the IQ, it was Kim Brunner ‘s Rope pattern.  I used the IQ to do the 2 circles that  I wanted 1/4 inch apart.  Here are some pictures

Susan's Basket quilt (2)


Susan's Basket quilt (23)Susan's Basket quilt (5)

Susan's Basket quilt (37)

For more pictures you can visit my webshots page.

15 thoughts on “The Never Ending Quilt

  1. Thanks everyone! It took between 80 and 100 hours. I stopped counting after 80. I am not sure how much of that time was stand and stare. LOL I did a bit of that. It will be on its way to Innovations on Monday. Yeah!! Hopefully that will be the first of many. My customer was thrilled with it!! Now on to the next one.

  2. I have a question about this quilt and I wanted to send you an email but I can’t find any emailaddress.
    Can you please email me add: kava1962 @ gmail . com (without the spaces). Thank you

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