Is it Monday Already???

Why does it feel like it was just Monday yesterday….

We had a great weekend with the kids.  We had NO sporting events to go to so it was a relaxing weekend.  We went to the pool a couple of times and Brody loves the water.

Brody at the pool

Do you think he is ready to get in?? 

Went out to Dinner on Sat night with a Elisa.  It is always such a pleasure to get together occasionally without husbands and children.  We went to Ludwigs and had a great dinner and of course indulged in some Peanut Butter pie for dessert.  Meanwhile, I probably should have foregone dessert since I am still packing about an extra 6 lbs from pregnancy.  LOL  Tae Kwon Do has not gotten rid of it yet but I am still working on it.

I decided yesterday it was time to clean out the drawers in the boys room to see what they need for school…mind you that on Friday they were instructed to clean their room.

This is what I found.


I guess it doesn’t surprise me.  Now off to do some clothes shopping since we got rid of half of their clothes….

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