Harry Potter day!!

We were all so excited this week as we set aside today to go see The Half Blood Prince.  I was taking the day off of work (which doesn’t happen alot).  We went to the 10am show.  I have to say, I was completely disappointed.  I have read all the books and seen all the movies.  This one… I kept waiting for something to happen.  Oh well, I’ll get over it. LOL

Of course, I came home to work.  I got some more done on the custom quilt I am working on.  It has been on the frame for about 4 weeks now.  It is time I finished it. I will post pictures of it when I am done. 

We are off to TKD tonight.  Fun, fun.  I have to take some pictures of our Do Jang so you can appreciate what the work out is like.  There is no air conditioning or fans.  It looks like a maintenance shack.  The workouts are two hours, 3 days a week.  It is nice because Brandon and Noah are with me.  Brandon is a green belt, I have my yellow stripe and Noah is a white belt.  I started with Brandon in 2007 and then stopped when I got pregnant with Brody.  I started again with Noah this year.  You have to be 10 to join.  There is about 10 people in the class. 

Brody has been taking long morning naps and really short ones in the afternoon.  On the advice of E. D. I am going to start holding him back from his morning nap about 15 minutes till we transition to one afternoon nap.  Should be fun.

I am going to end with some wonderful news.  A very dear friend had to have a cone biopsy of her cervix last week.  The results came back and everything is fine.  They will monitor her more closely but I am beyond thrilled with this great news!!!

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