I really dislike Mondays.  It is hard to get back in the groove of work.  I do try and take the weekends off as much as possible. 

This weekend was relaxing.  Dinner out on Friday night.  Saturday night, it was just Brody and I.  Noah had a wrestling tournament in Clarks Summitt, Pa.  so Jon took both the boys up on Saturday night.  Noah hadn’t wrestled since April so he was a bit rusty on his first two matches.  He lost the first one, 3-0.  The second one, lost 2-1.  The last match was his best one.  Although he lost again 4-2, he wrestled much better.   The key was he had a great time and did fine even without one of his coaches there.    Great Job Noah.  I am proud of you.

Jon is officially a patent holder!!   He developed an accessory product for retaining walls.  It has been about 3 years since the patent process started.  We are expecting the second patent sometime soon. 

Yesterday, was my day at the quilt shop, Chester County Quilting.  I love going to Ramona’s shop.  It is warm and inviting.  Picked up several quilts for all over designs and returned one.  The one I returned was for a new customer and she was thrilled.  Everytime I think, “boy, wouldn’t it be nice to not quilt for customers”… I get the reaction like I did yesterday.  She hugged me and made my day. 

 Since the boys were at the wrestling tournament I had to bring Brody with me.  This is something that I really try not to do.  He was great and charmed my customers.  Chris, thank you for watching him while my last customer was there.

Last night was a quick easy dinner and watched Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.  We are catching up on the HP’s before I take the kids to see the new one on Thursday. 

I did get a chance on Sat. night to work on my challenge quilt.  Did another one of the borders. 

LAC Challenge

I still need to fix the first border I did.  I did not get the small long piece under the triangles on evenly.  Not sure about the corners as of yet but have a couple of ideas brewing.

Hoping to finish the quilt on the frame this week.  I still have too many blocks to do and to turn the quilt to do the side borders.  UGHHH…

One thought on “Monday….

  1. Hello, Lisa!
    Congratualtions on your new blog! It was great seeing you at the shop on Sunday. Your quilting is THE BEST, so of course your customers are happy. I just wish I had more time to put tops together so I could give them to you to quilt. Now that you’re nationally famous, having you do my quilts is an HONOR! Really!
    See you soon!

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